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Olá sou do Brasil, pode colocar o link da fã page no Facebook aqui? eu procuro e não acho... obrigada desde já :)

Sure! It’s :  :)

MDA #1 Trailer GIF’s series : SURAJ’S PITCHING.

I don’t know you guys, but althought he’s not professional at Baseball, I think he pitchers very well.

P.S.: I wanted to do both GIF’s in 3D, but the first one was kind of difficult because of Suraj’s move. Anyways, I hope you like the second one!.

- Sel :)

Suraj Sharma in Million Dollar Arm.

This is probably the best reaction of Suraj. Can’t help it, I always hear this in my mind anytime I re-watch the trailer…

- Sel :)

MDA #1 Trailer GIF’s series : DAMMIT, SIR! (x)

Posted by : Selene.

Por favor me puedes pasar el Facebook de suraj?juro qué nunca voy invadir su privacidad!!Se los ruego chicas.

No se lo decimos a nadie, y tampoco cómo lo encontramos.

Suraj está en New York,estudiando?

Posiblemente. Creo que está estudiando Cine.

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MDA #1 Trailer GIF’s series : ELEVATOR SCENE.